We invest in digital assets
based on underlying
technology fundamentals

Flowtrack offers exposure to the digital economy of the future.

What We Do

Exposing investors to protocols with the most impact and best economics over the long term

Digital assets present one of the greatest investing opportunities of our generation for both institutions and individuals. In addition to the tremendous returns they offer, they are also potent diversifiers in a traditional portfolio, which means every asset or wealth manager will be adding them to the portfolios of the future.

While other funds may be focused on the massive short term return potential of opportunistic digital assets, Flowtrack’s entire investment philosophy is focused on the protocols with the most impact and best economics over the long term.

The Only Certainty is Disruption

The Flowtrack Difference

Flowtrack’s entire investment philosophy is focused on the following:


We are focused on determining true decentralization. While we may consider hybrid structures we are biased towards decentralized models

Long Term Focus

We invest in projects we know will have a lasting impact in the space over time


We determine the economic structure of the token and how that affects the value of the token

Trust Solution

We have a bias towards protocols that are solving issues of trust

Protocol Structure & Incentives

We are focused on incentive structures of the protocol and whether they will lead to the desired outcomes

Limited To 30 Protocols

The discipline of never going over 30 tokens, which is a key number for diversification, will lead to us choosing the most impactful projects

Maximizing Yield Potential

We are focused on maximizing the yield potential of the tokens internally but not at the risk of token loss

Sector Diversification

We intend on diversifying into different sectors of the protocol space as more industries are disrupted


The future of digital assets

Blockchain Protocols are no longer just digital currencies, but also digital commodities and digital tokens, which fall into the broader category of digital assets.

Digital Currencies

Other Digital Assets

Our Team

Flowtrack from the inside

Our team stands out for its experience in navigating the world of finance, crypto, logistics, tech in silicon valley, and venture capital. We value the strength of diverse perspectives, especially because of its relevance in this new digital economy.

You can't build a long term future on short term thinking

Flowtrack will invest in the most impactful blockchain projects during what we see as a multi-decade decentralized model innovation cycle. Long-term conviction in our protocols will be the key to our success, regardless of heavy market drawdowns, choppy institutional sentiment, and short-term noise.

Flowtrack invests in a variety of digital asset categories

Cryptocurrencies Stablecoins Credit Markets Decentralized Exchanges (AMMs) Oracles Synthetic Assets Asset Management Smart Contract Execution Decentralized Cloud Prediction Markets

Disruption is constant and the shift to Web 3.0 will lead to innovation in a plethora of markets.